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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Billy the Bear Storybook Page

"Billy the Bear cried because it was raining outside and he couldn't play..
..but he remembered once an old friend told him..
..he still could smile even though it's raining outside..

..and then, Billy the Bear realized that being happy is a decision."

Haha just a random painting in a gloomy morning..trying to mimic a children story book while trying new inking style :) spent 2.5 hours to finish this.

It turned out pretty good, I guess..I'm pretty satisfied..

Feel free to comment :)

[Corel Painter XI, Adobe Photoshop CS5 on Wacom Intuos 4]

Dawn - The Beginning

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.” (anonymous)

The random piece of the day :)
Inspired by the starting spring..and Owl City's Vanilla Twilight..

Wanted to portray the dawn - beginning of the day in a ruin - somewhere :)
I tried to use the sweet - vanilla-ish - romantic color combination to evoke the warm evoke the new hope of the coming day.

I think it was pretty successful..I really like the inking style..just my personal preference though..and also the paper texture! It becomes more..sketchy..haha

Feel free to comment :)

[Corel Painter 11 and Adobe Photoshop CS5 on Wacom Intuos 4]

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Flash Interactive - Thematic Typography

The purpose of this assignment is to make an interactive flash movie using startDrag and the previous thematic typography design. So in the animation, I showed the transformation from the ORIGINAL - THEMED - FULL COMPOSITE. Just move the mouse across the box to reveal the transformation. I also put 3 modes in this movie, so the viewer can control which transformation mode he/she wants to see. To change the mode, just click inside the black box.

Using the startDrag command is easy, but the challenge is to make some transformation modes available. At first, I tried to put multiple masks with multiple startDrag commands..which was...a total failure..haha I later found out that startDrag can control one mask at a time only. So I finally decided to make some transformation modes rather than multiple transformations at once. After playing with the script for awhile, finally I found the way to do it XD

Well, I'm satisfied with the result because I'm not so good with codes..haha

You can view the animation here .

P.S. The link is updated and works! :)

Thematic Typography Design

The purpose of this assignment is to make a theme that will go along with a word using texture/pattern. I chose MAP for my word. I wanted to mimic a set of miniature buildings, so I used the bird eye view pictures from BING MAP and combined them altogether to make the texture of the word.

I only used Photoshop for this assignment. The main challenge is to make the 2D design seems like a 3D. Spent like 5 hours on this piece.

Pretty satisfied with result :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Online Photo gallery

The purpose of this assignment is to make an online photo gallery. I used Galleria for the template and edited it a little bit. I put some random pictures from the past inside..and voila! Here it is :) it's a simple way to make an online photo gallery, and it is very useful.

Lakewood Beach Resort Website

The purpose of this assignment is to make a website using CSS template. it is! A Lakewood Beach Resort website! :D obviously a fake one..yes.

Just did some editing using Dreamweaver, not so much, didn't spend a lot of time also. The result is pretty straight-forward. Not the best website ever..but it will provide you enough infos about the resort xD