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Monday, February 28, 2011

Dusty Triceratops

The purpose of this assignment is to paint on 3D model using 3D Coat. I tried to make a dusty triceratops doll. I used fabric texture and added some fur texture to create some dusty-old feeling.

It turned out quite time I will try on a more complicated model.


The purpose of this assignment is to make an animation of a phrase using radiowave effect. I found this tutorial was very hard because of the effect itself. It was hard to make a clear-readable word animation. So finally I came up with the phrase "REAL RANDOM WORDS" and this was the best. The lag using this effect was unbearable..haha so I didn't edit much.

Well, it's not so satisfying for me. Not so bad, but not the one I'm proud of..haha

IMAGE Production

The purpose of this assignment is to do a tutorial. Well, I chose a TRON Title Tutorial from the and added some fun stuffs :)

Played around with the optical flares, and had fun with the scores. Pretty satisfied with this piece, it looks cool :)

Monday, February 14, 2011


When I got the list for the first time, I laughed myself out. I immediately remember the Fallout 3 '50 American vintage design. And that's where I went. So I tried to bring the retro-grungy look for the design. It kinda fits with the twisted-sanity theme LOL

It was a tough job to mimic the retro design - which uses solid colors and bold outline. At first, I tried using Illustrator and Painter, which wasn't really good enough. So I went away and used Photoshop entirely, using the solid brush and layer style combination. It worked pretty well :)

I want to emphasize the fight and confusion in someone's mind. That's why all of the scenes are placed in front of a plain brick wall with intersection and harsh lighting. It shows the desolation and uncertainty of the person.

Every piece is my favorite. Haha I like the paranoia in "someone will hurt you" and "voice when no one is around" as well as the horror-cliche scene in "hurt someone else" and the comedy in "hurt yourself". 

Well, I'm satisfied with this project :) I hope they would be useful too..hahaha

Monday, February 7, 2011

Brush Artwork

The purpose of this assignment is to make custom brushes in Illustrator and Photoshop. Just created some random brushes here and there :) I didn't spend much time on this assignment because I was also doing the SLAM cover art. But well, yeah..satisfying? So-so I guess..not the one that I can be proud of, but not bad either..haha

SLAM Cover 02 - SLAM Desk

Another SLAM Cover art. This time I used NewTek Lightwave. Just wanted to bring the "morning" mood - where you read a book while enjoying a cup of coffee. Used some lighting, and volumetric lighting also. Reduced the quality due to the deadline..haha but anyway, it turns out pretty good.

SLAM Cover 01 - Pencil Knight

The purpose of this assignment is to make a SLAM cover. It's an art and literary magazine, so I made a literature fighter for the cover. Yes, he uses pencil as his weapon and book as his shield :)

I tried Painter 11 for the first time for this piece. I used Photoshop to add the adjustment layer and the glow on his armor. Spent the total of 8 hours to finish it. Pretty satisfied with the result. The proportion is somewhat odd..haha but I really like the scarf :D