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Monday, February 14, 2011


When I got the list for the first time, I laughed myself out. I immediately remember the Fallout 3 '50 American vintage design. And that's where I went. So I tried to bring the retro-grungy look for the design. It kinda fits with the twisted-sanity theme LOL

It was a tough job to mimic the retro design - which uses solid colors and bold outline. At first, I tried using Illustrator and Painter, which wasn't really good enough. So I went away and used Photoshop entirely, using the solid brush and layer style combination. It worked pretty well :)

I want to emphasize the fight and confusion in someone's mind. That's why all of the scenes are placed in front of a plain brick wall with intersection and harsh lighting. It shows the desolation and uncertainty of the person.

Every piece is my favorite. Haha I like the paranoia in "someone will hurt you" and "voice when no one is around" as well as the horror-cliche scene in "hurt someone else" and the comedy in "hurt yourself". 

Well, I'm satisfied with this project :) I hope they would be useful too..hahaha

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